Jemison Faust

About Us

After working in Rhode Island for several years as a graphic designer, Jemison Faust sought a better way to combine her Masters Degrees in both Counseling and Fine Arts. The result, in 1990, was to found YOUR CHOICE Organizing. Jemison provides personal solutions for those in need of reorganization of their home, home-based business and time.

Her approach is to start with the client, not with a set of rules. Out of that comes the work. As a practicing artist she is adept at thinking outside the box to find novel solutions to individual problems. As a long-standing yoga and Zen meditation practitioner, she brings to her work a clear sense of purpose and centeredness.

Her goal is help clients create a peaceful, functional environment that speaks to their unique situation and to assist them in maintaining a focused life plan.

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Professional Associations:
Golden Circle member of National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), New England Professional Organizers (NAPO-NE)